Michigan State Football's Biggest Fan

Ken wearing his Michigan State Colors proudly!
My parent's activity cards from Michigan State

"It's getting almost time for State to trounce Michigan in football.  I've been getting into a lot of arguments over the forthwith coming game at A2.  If State doesn't win, my name will be mud around Chitose, so State had better win that game or else I've had it!" Ken wrote this to Rosalie on September 4, 1951.

On Sept. 11th, he writes, "While I'm thinking about it, will you let me know how the MSC-Uof M game comes out?  We can't get any Michigan stations on our radio.  I'm awful interested in how that game is going to come out.  But of course State will win so all you have to write is by how much."

On Oct. 1st, he writes, "We haven't heard the score of the MSC-U of Michigan game yet, but State probably trounced them."

Finally, he heard the score and writes on Oct. 6th, "MSC really took Michigan for a ride last Saturday.  Let's hope they can do the same of OSU early today."

That was 64 years ago and it's no wonder that I am a dedicated Michigan State fan myself!  Both my husband and I graduated from MSU in 1981.  The apple does not fall far from the tree!

Check out the letters in the fall of 1951, Ken often mentions Michigan State football.  And it's not surpising this is their perfect record for that year:

Sept. 22 vs Oregon State     MSU Won 6-0

Sept. 29 vs Michigan   MSU Won 25-0

Oct. 6 vs Ohio State  MSU Won 24-20

Oct. 13 vs Marquette  MSU Won 20-14

Oct. 20 vs Penn State  MSU Won 32-21

Oct. 27 vs Pittsburgh   MSU Won 53-26

Nov. 10 vs Notre Dame  MSU Won 35-0

Nov. 17 vs Indiana  MSU Won 30-26

Nov. 24 vs Colorado  MSU Won 45-7

The coach was Clarence "Biggie" Munn.

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Of course, thank you for asking! Would love to see what you write if you can share when you are done.

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I'm writing a book on Christmas in Wartime. Would it be ok to use a couple of comments in your dad's letters related to Christmas in the book? Many thanks!

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