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My goal is to find a way to upload the newspapers here but I am having difficulty doing so.  I have access to most of the papers for the entire war thanks to the 45th Division Museum in Oklahoma City.  They provided me with a disk with all papers scanned on it.  If you are interested in a particular edition please let me know.  I can scan and send to you.  Keep checking back, I may find a way!  My father was great at collecting artifacts and sending them home to both my mom and to his parents.  I have the original copies of the following newspapers:

The Thunderbird News


45th Division News


8/30/1951 (2)

9/6/1951 (2)


9/20/1951 (2)

9/27/1951 (2)

10/4/1951 (2)

10/11/1951 (2)


10/25/1951 (2)


11/8/1951 (2)


11/22/1951 (2)


12/28/1951 (2)



4/4/1952 (2)

5/2/1952 (2)



Stars And Stripes


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04.10 | 19:01

Of course, thank you for asking! Would love to see what you write if you can share when you are done.

04.10 | 18:39

I'm writing a book on Christmas in Wartime. Would it be ok to use a couple of comments in your dad's letters related to Christmas in the book? Many thanks!

09.07 | 22:16

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