45th Infantry Division Museum, Oklahoma City, OK. 5/10/14

Thunderbird Monument on museum lawn

Nation Utility Aircraft Model l-17A

Bird Dog Model L-19 OR 0-1A Light Observation Airplane

OH-13E "Sioux" Observation Helicopter

Prime Mover M-5 Tractor

Amphibious vehicle

2 1/2 ton M-135 Cargo Truck

Heavy Tank M-103A2

Gasoline Tanker 1200 gallon - model M49C

8 Inch Towed Howitzer M115 with M5 Limber

75 MM Pack Howitzer M1A1 With M1 Carriage

Medium Tank M-47 "Patton"

2 1/2 Ton6x6 M211 Cargo Truck

M4A1 Sherman

M4A3 "Sherman" U.S. Medium Tank

180th Regiment Company B Memorial

Purple Heart Memorial

180th Regiment Company G Memorial

45th Recon Co. memorial

1951 Display

1952 Display

General Matthew B. Ridgway

Major General James C. Styron

General Styron with General and Special Staff, Camp Crawford, Hokkaido, Japan

Major John V. Rich, Commander 2nd Battalion, 180th Infa

LTC Ellis B. Richie, C.O. 2 Bn 180th Infantry

An arrival at Airport, DeRidder, LA

Aerial view of Camp Strong, Chitose

45th Division Football Team in action, Camp Crawford

Chow Line

While visiting Oklahoma for our son's graduation from Basic Training at Ft. Sill we had the opportunity to extend our visit by one day so that we could see the 45th Division Museum in Oklahoma City.  I am so glad that we did.  They were very welcoming and it was quite an experience to see everything that was on display there.  We of course spent most of our time on the Korean War exhibit.  It was very small but very nice.  I found that I had several of the same artifacts that they had!  The grounds are lovely!  You'll notice that I took several pictures of pictures that didn't turn out great but not bad.  I took ones that I thought were relevant to my father.  I also took pictures of all planes, helicopters, tanks, trucks, etc. that were in service during 1951-52.  Not sure they were in Korea but they might have been.  Check out the museum's website at and their Facebook page, The 45th Infantry Division.

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