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Ken and Rosalie. Not sure where this is taken but the condition and cut of the photo makes it appear to have been kept in a wallet. It could be the picture that Ken refers to that he keeps with him in his wallet.

Ken and Rosalie in Ken's parent's backyard.

Ken and Rosalie in the park across the street from his parent's house.

Christmas 1952

Christmas 1953. What a difference a year and marriage can make!

I think this was taken of my dad right after they were married.

An evening with good friends,

A very young Zill family

Rosalie, Kip and Liz

Rosalie, Kip and Liz

Kip and Liz

The Zill family in the backyard of their first home

Rosalie, Liz and Kip

Kip and Liz in the bath

Kip, Rosalie and Liz

Kip, Ken, Rosalie and Liz at Grandma and Grandpa Zill's house

Liz and Ken at Grandma and Grandpa Nash's house. Love that hair!

The Zill family in their house on Prairie

An evening recreated with good friends!

On bikes, Mackinaw Island?

In their home away from home, up north. With Heidi

Not sure of the year or occasion for this picture.

Their 30th wedding anniversary.

Kip, Rosalie, Ken, Liz and Loren at the 30th wedding anniversary.

With Rosalie's Aunt Issy.

In Knoxville.

Rosalie's 25th anniversary at St. Paul's School.

Kip, Rosalie and Ken at Aunt Rose's house.

Here are some pictures of Ken and Rosalie together through the years!
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Of course, thank you for asking! Would love to see what you write if you can share when you are done.

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I'm writing a book on Christmas in Wartime. Would it be ok to use a couple of comments in your dad's letters related to Christmas in the book? Many thanks!

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If your related to Celia Gearhart Nash 1913-1988. Please contact me. I have a self-published book of poems written by her titled the View From My Window

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