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Articles for the local papers

Both my Grandparents and my mom clipped articles about the war.  Some where marked with the name of the paper and date, others not.  The first three mention the boys by name, so I wanted to include them.

Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti Men See Action in "Quiet War"
Michigan Helps "Sooner" Unit (top half of article, see bottom half below)
Bottom half of article from above.

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04.10 | 19:01

Of course, thank you for asking! Would love to see what you write if you can share when you are done.

04.10 | 18:39

I'm writing a book on Christmas in Wartime. Would it be ok to use a couple of comments in your dad's letters related to Christmas in the book? Many thanks!

09.07 | 22:16

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