More additions to the family

Ken, Rosalie, Liz, Loren and Kip at Liz and Loren's wedding on Dec. 19, 1981

Alissa Marie VandenBerghe is born on 9/26/86. There could not be two happier Grandparents!

Grandpa's bundle of joy!

Grandma showing Alissa the boat!

Grandma and Alissa snuggle up north at the trailer.

Alissa is driving the boat!

Grandpa and his little sweetheart.

"Don't let the fish touch me Grandpa!"

And then along comes Kenny! Kenneth Dale VandenBerghe born on 2/19/89

Grandma loves her Kens!

Such a good Grandpa!

Ken's baptism. His sponsors are Ken, Rosalie and Kip

A snuggle with Grandma.

"Higher Grandpa!"

The Ken's watching TV!

Ken, Rosalie, Kip, Loren, Ken, Liz and Alissa on Alissa's 3rd birthday.

Grandpa's 60th birthday. We didn't know it but it was to be his last.

Grandma at her best! Notice who is not happy behind the door!

Grandpa and Alissa building a tent in the backyard in Montreal.

Ice cream treats with Grandpa and Grandma.

Watching TV in Bermuda.

Sightseeing in Bermuda.

We are both tired out!

Visiting the QE2 in Bermuda.

Visiting Mt. St. Helens in Washington.

Showing Grandma Western Washington University where Alissa graduated from college.

Ken's grandson, Kenneth, joined the army in 2104. This is a picture of him at his graduation from boot camp which took place 63 years to the week that his Grandpa completed BCT!

Ken's great grandson, Thomas John, with his mama, Alissa.

The whole family! Back row: Grandson, Ken and his wife, Alex, Liz, and Loren. Front row: Grand Son in law, Jason, Great Grandson Henry, Granddaughter, Alissa and Great Grandson, Tommy.

Liz with Ken and Rosalie's great grandsons, Tommy and Henry. Oh how loved they would have been!

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