Photos September '51

Where I lived for 11 days in Sept. 1951

The picture on the top of a page of stationery that Ken bought in Chitose with his friend, Hook (Erwin Hochrein). Letter is dated Aug. 5th but is really Sept. 5th. It is made of thin sheets of wood. You can actually feel the layers in the picture.

Another piece of stationery from 6 Sept. 1951.

This can opener from Koolaire, Inc. was included in the letter to Ken's parents on 6 Sept. 1951, still in the original package. There was a small slit on the bottom where the opener can be carelly taken out and put back. He tells his parents you wear this on your dog tags to open the cans of c-rations.

These two coins were included in Ken's letter to his parents on 9 Sept. 1951. He tells them that he is "enclosing a five yen piece (right) and a five cent slug (left) that we use in the juke boxes here in teh N.C.O. mess."

Diagram used in amphib training.

Mock up- Dry Land ships were we practiced going up and down the embarkment nets. Camp Strong in the background. Taken into the sun.

Starting over the side of a mock up.

Coming down mock up at Camp Chitose - Sept. 1951

Taken on a break on the way to Muroran.

Mother ship of our amphib landing.

Just before we hit the beach.

Storming the beach at Muroran.

Landing barge on first wave.

One of the LSVP stuck in the mud.

Waiting for the LSBP to come and take us to the Mother Ship.

The audience at the USO show.

USO show in the field during 11 day bivouac Sept. 1951.

Service Club in Chitose where Ken and Gus would catch up on their letter writing.

Rickshaws just outside camp. Drivers around the fire getting warm.

Athletic fields behind Ken's tent.

Jets at Chitose Airfield.

One of my roommates in front of the tent with our AR man. First day I had the camera.

Ken references mailing home this bulletin home in his letter on 9/30/51. Notice the last sentence in the bulletin! I think this was his way to prove to his mother he was going to church.

A gift sent home for Ken's dad's birthday for 9/26.

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