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I would love to hear your thoughts about my site.  I feel blessed to have found these letters and have found a way to share them with my family and friends.  I especially wanted a way to share them with my children.  They were both very young when their Grandpa died and I wanted them to see what an honorable and loving man their Grandpa was.  It is also a testament to my parents loving relationship which was the foundation that my relationship with their dad is based on.

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04.10 | 19:01

Of course, thank you for asking! Would love to see what you write if you can share when you are done.

04.10 | 18:39

I'm writing a book on Christmas in Wartime. Would it be ok to use a couple of comments in your dad's letters related to Christmas in the book? Many thanks!

09.07 | 22:16

If your related to Celia Gearhart Nash 1913-1988. Please contact me. I have a self-published book of poems written by her titled the View From My Window

05.09 | 07:05

I found this article really interesting and gonna share its link with my sister before taking